Creativity gives you the same buzz as shopping…

but without the guilt.”

Under the tutelage of noted Australian glass artist Jan Blum, Jennifer studied for five years and has now established her own studio where she now works and teaches. Jennifer slumps and fuses glass which takes on a sculptural form. Apart from the creative aspect, the process of glass making is exceptionally complex and many technically oriented professionals are fascinated by the transformative process.

Jennifer and Stuart McIver both lived the fast-paced Sydney life, each with high-powered jobs in the corporate world. However this could not be sustained and inevitably health issues caused the couple to reassess their life style.

So, two years ago the tranquil sanctuary that is now "Sydney Glassworks" was born. The location is Forest Glen, about thirty minutes from Castle Hill out on Old Northern Road. There, in a large barn, Jennifer works surrounded by kilns-each fondly named-Bruce, Louise, Syd, Rosie, Ken, Barbie and Romeo.                                                            

Here at "Sydney Glass Works," you can easily make a very professional product yourself, such as a beautiful bowl or join a group project making a company banner. This creativity will give you the same buzz as shopping…but without the guilt, and with a sense of pride and achievement that will last forever.                                                                                                                  

The McIvers trawl Sydney with horsefloat in tow- collecting massive sheets of glass from the building trade that would otherwise end up in landfills- recycling this ‘trash’ into the beautiful objet d’art you see featured here and on the products page.

From initially just making glass items with a few friends, "Sydney Glassworks" now reaches a wide audience, and is expanding again in 2010 from individual artists to Corporate Training Programmes. 

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