Sydney Glassworks is a design hub at the moment! Jennifer has been collaborating with a number of talented local artisans, and the results are fascinating.

Of particular interest, are the sandstone book pedestals, which look absolutely superb viewed through a sheet of glass, which is, in fact, a table top. Arrange your real books and magazines on this table, to complete the look. Make an appointment to view more products which combine sandstone and glass.

Stuart and Jennifer are now ready to release their antique chimney pot collection onto the market. These pots were collected from the Yorkshire area of England and range in age from 1870 to 1920. The more ornate and larger pots, namely the 'Bishop, Castle and Louvered' designs required the skills of a master potter, so they were expensive and therefore the sign of a stately home.

The smaller, simpler chimneys namely the 'Molded Round, Square-based Taper and Hooded Round' were less expensive to manufacture and common to workers' cottages.


Sydney Glassworks is the perfect venue to conduct mosaic classes. Not only is it scenically beautiful for inspired creations, but the fact that it is a glassworks is a double bonus for those who have an inclination toward creating a synthesis out of disparate bits and pieces!

Experienced Mosaicists will have the ability to make truly unique pieces by creating their own glassware to integrate with the more conventional Andamenti and Opus mosaic styles-something that ateliers such as Orsoni in Venice, have been doing for years! (okay, perhaps not quite like Orsini).

Tutoring will be conducted by Susanna Mills of Susies Studio. She's a member of MAANZ (Mosaic Association 

of Australia and New Zealand) and she has had four years' experience of teaching mosaic classes at Ceramic Haven, as well as two significant community-based mosaics with very diverse groups in Burwood and Haberfield. 

Says Jennifer: "We enjoyed working together so much on creating some angels in 2010, that we decided we'd like to continue working together and broaden the activities of the SG studio into Mosaic during 2011 and beyond."

Mosaic workshops, and four week courses can be arranged for groups numbering five or more. 

One to one glass or mosaic mentoring by special arrangement.

Mosaic information contact 

OR point your browser to either of these links:

ABOVE: Sandstone shapes and antique Yorkshire Chimney pots... only available from Sydney Glassworks! 

Contact us regarding an appointment at our studio in Forest Glen, to view them. 

More variations can be viewed on our Gallery Page.

Jennifer cut the circle for the mirror centrepiece of this magnificent mosaic, by a YOD group from the Ella Centre. She also made the 'bubbly glass' and glass hangars. 

Watch this moving video to understand the creative rationale behind using recycled glass to describe the serious condition of Young Onset Dementia.

ABOVE: Ethereal Light (Ella Centre 2010) Ceramic & glass tiles, found objects, recycled glass. 1.5m x 0.7m

BELOW & LEFT: 'Angel in Evening Dress' Glass mosaic tiles integrated with Mills' own airbrushed ceramics and LED lighting. Glass wings and finishes created at Sydney Glassworks. Winning exhibit of the 'Strike a Pose' public art exhibition held in Double Bay during 2010.

BELOW: 'Celestial Bodies' 2012. Created by Susanna Mills using ceramic tiles and recycled glass. (It was entered in the 2012 Royal Easter 'Biggest Loser' Show, but it didn't make the 'weigh in' rules for mosaic...namely 7kg MAX. This piece was 'eliminated' because it weighed 14kg!?

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